AATK Style Sheet

(version 7-17-08)



1. System: IBM PC-compatible, MS Word (English and Korean)


2. Margins: Top 2.25 Bottom: 2 Left: 1.88 Right: 1.88


3. Font Size: Title 12 point, boldface

Name 11 point

Affiliation 11 point, italics

Text 10 point

Footnotes 9 point


4. Font Type: Times New Roman (English), Batang (Korean)


5. Length: 20 pages maximum, single-spaced


6. Main Heading 11 point, boldface (1. 2. 3. 4.)

Subheading 10 point, boldface (separate line, 1.1., 1.2., 1.3.)

Indentation of Paragraph 3 letters

Table & Figure Title Italics

First letter of each word should be capitalized


7. References


7.1. List English references first, then Korean references.

Korean titles should be Romanized (in addition to Korean titles).

7.2.            Books

VanPatten, B. (1996). Input Processing and Grammar Instruction in Second Language Acquisition. Norwood, NJ: Ablex Publishing Co.

7.3.            Articles in edited volumes

Brinton, D. (2003). Content-based instruction. In D. Nunan (Ed.). Practical English Language Teaching. New York: McGraw-Hill.

7.4. Articles in journals

Hopper, P.J. & S. Thompson. (1980). Transitivity in grammar and discourse. Language, 56, 251-299.

8. Pagination: DO NOT number pages


9. Notes are to be entered at the bottom of each page (footnotes [footers]), NOT at the end of the paper (endnotes). Make sure a full one-inch margin is allowed after a footer.


10. For other details, please refer to the previous volumes.


11. A text written entirely in Korean is strongly discouraged. However, if the paper is written in Korean for any reasons, a summary in English should be submitted. The summary should be substantial enough for a person not well-versed in Korean to understand the core of the paper.


12. Manuscripts must be checked (edited) by a native speaker of English before submission.


13. Manuscripts that do not follow the guidelines will be returned.


14. Only electronic submissions will be accepted.


15. The manuscript should be submitted to Hye-Sook_Wang@brown.edu