The Eighth Annual Conference

and Professional Development Workshop of

the American Association of Teachers of Korean





University of California at Berkeley


June 25-28, 2003



 Supported by

 The Korea Foundation


 In Cooperation with

 The Center for Korean Studies

University of California at Berkeley





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 Planning Committee


Young-mee Yu Cho

Joe Jungno Ree

Kay Richards

Hye-Sook Wang

Clare You (Chair)

 Local Arrangements


Kijoo Ko

Sun-young Oh

Kay Richards (Chair)

Clare You


June 25  The Opening of the 2003 Annual Conference and Professional    

               Development Workshop of the American Association of Teachers of  



7:00-8:00  Breakfast, Stern Hall

8:00-8:30  Registration, Dwinelle 370

 PLEASE F (a) All general sessions will be held in Dwinelle 370.

                        (b) Allow about 10 to15 minutes to get to Dwinelle from Stern Hall.

                        (c) All refreshments (coffee break) will be served in Dwinelle 370 only.

 8:30-9:00  Welcoming Remarks

 Joe Jungno Ree

 President, American Association of Teachers of Korean

 (Introduction by Young-mee Yu Cho)

 Myung Soo Lee

 Program Officer, Korean Studies Support Team, Korea Foundation

 Introduction by Joe Jungno Ree)


Hyon-Sook Shin

President, International Association of Korean Language Education

(Introduction by Hyo Sang Lee)

 Clare You

 Co-Chair, Center for Korean Studies

 (Introduction by Hye-Sook Wang)


Professional Development Workshop

Theme: Current Trends and Technology in Foreign Language Teaching

Day 1

 9:05-10:20     Invited Speaker 1 (Introduction by Gwee-Sook Kim)

 "Input Processing: Creating Classroom Activities That Promote Attention to Input"

James W. Rankin, Princeton University

 10:20-10:35   Coffee Break

 10:35-4:30  Workshop Sessions

Moderator: Yoo Sang Rhee, Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center

 10:35-11:35  “Enhancing Sensitivity to Speech Levels through Attention to Input?/font>

                           Hae-Young Kim, Duke University

 11:35-1:30     Lunch wherever it tickles your fancy.

1:30-3:00       “Effective Grammar Instruction?/span>

                          Gwee-Sook Kim, Princeton University

                          Hyo Sang Lee, Indiana University

 3:00-3:15       Coffee Break

 3:15-4:30    “Teaching the Connectives –ko and ?i>ase/ese by Contrast?/span>

                         Young-mee Yu Cho, Rutgers University

 Dinner:  You can get to choose your own favorite place.

June 26  Professional Development Workshop 

               Day 2

7:00-8:00  Breakfast, Stern Hall

8:00-8:30  Registration, Dwinelle 370

 8:30-9:45     Invited Speaker 2 (Introduction by Kijoo Ko)

 “Technology and Foreign Language Instruction/Learning: Current State of the Art?/font>

  Mark A. Kaiser

  Associate Director, Berkeley Language Center/Director, Language Media Center

 9:45-11:00   Special Presentation

 "A Korean Headstart Program: Presenting Korean to Students with No Prior Experience in the Language." 

Galal Walker, Director, National East Asian Languages Resource Center, Ohio State U

(Introduction by Eun Joo Kim)

 11:00-11:15  Coffee Break

 11:15-4:30  Workshop Sessions

Moderator: Eunsu Cho, University of Michigan

 11:15-12:15  “The Dos and Don’ts of Teaching Vocabulary?/span>

                           Hye-Sook Wang, Brown University

 12:15-1:15    Lunch, Dwinelle 370

 1:15-2:45   ?/span>Development and Implementation of Student Portfolios to Assess

                       Language Development?/font>

                       Hyekyung Sung

                       Stanford U School of Education/Intercultural Institute of California

2:45-3:00     Coffee Break

3:00-4:30     “A New Strategy to Teach Korean Grammar: Grammar Teaching Can Be

                       Fun and Effective with ‘Grammar Activities’”

                       M. Chang, Y. Cho, and S. Jeon

                       University of Southern California

                       Discussant: Joe Jungno Ree, Florida State U

 Dinner:         Let’s check out other eateries.

 NOTE: The Executive Board will meet after dinner (7:30). Room TBA.

June 27  Annual Conference  Day 1

               Theme: Creating New Ideas That Move Us

7:00-8:00  Breakfast, Stern Hall

8:00-8:30  Registration, Dwinelle 370

 Note: All sessions are parallel, and each paper is allotted 30 minutes (20 + 10).

Session 1A: Performance Analysis


Dwinelle 370 (Level F)

Chair 1: Hae-Young Kim, Duke U


An Analysis of Particle Errors by Heritage and Non-heritage Learners of Korean

Eun Joo Kim, Ohio State U

Session 1B: Approaches to the Teaching

                    of Grammar and Pragmatics 1

Dwinelle 33 (Level C)

Chair 1: Kijoo Ko, UC Berkeley


KFL Learners?Ability to Assess Polite Request Forms

Andrew Byon, SUNY Albany


Investigation of Manner Contrast of Korean Stops in Inter-vocalic and Word-final Positions

Mi-ran Cho Kim, Jeongyi Lee, U of Georgia

Andrew Lotto, Washington State U


A Remedy for the Grammatical Errors Related to Two Clausal Connectives

Jihyun Park and Roger G.P. Hong, U of Southern California


Accounting for Back-Vowel Under-Differentiation: An Acoustically-Based Study of English-Speaking Learners of Korean

Ji Eun Kim and David J. Silva, The U of Texas at Arlington


Teaching Tense Agreement in Complex Sentences in Korean

Kenneth Kong-On Kim, Defense Language Institute 

10:15-10:30               Coffee                                             Break

Chair 2: Eun Joo Kim, Ohio State U


Subject Case Drop vs. Object Case Drop in L2 Korean

Mijung Lee, U of Hawaii at Manoa

Chair 2:  Gwee-Sook Kim, Princeton U


Using the Hot Potatoes Program for Improvement of Grammar

Bo Y. Park, Defense Language Institute


Age Difference in Auditory Discrimination and Pronunciation of Korean Phonemes

Steven K. Lee, Cal State U, Dominguez Hills


Many Functions of mwusun in Discourse: Interrelationship of Semantic and Pragmatic Aspects

Jane Choi, UCLA

11:45-12:55   Lunch, Dwinelle 370

Session 2A: Learners?Profiles and Needs

                    Analysis 1

Dwinelle 370

Chair: Hyekyung Sung, Stanford U


The Standards Based on Korean Language Instruction in New York City Public High Schools

Hyunjoo Kwon, Dept. of Education, City of New York

Session 2B: Research Review and SLA


Dwinelle 33

Chair: David Silva, U of Texas, Arlington


A Review of Research on Korean as a Foreign Language

Hye-Sook Wang, Brown U


근현대 한국어 교재 분석: 차례와 단원

신현숙, 상명대학교


Critical Period Hypothesis Revisited: Neurobiological Explanation

Namhee Lee, UCLA


Understanding the Common European Framework and Its Implications for the Teaching of Korean as an International Language

Young Shik Lee, UCLA/Hannam


Functional Roles of Teachers?Language Use in KFL Classrooms

Sahie Kang, Defense Language Institute

2:45-3:00               Coffee                                                        Break

Session 3A: Teaching Literature and


Dwinelle 370

Chair: Jin Sook Lee, Rutgers U


An Inspirational Teacher of Korean Poetics


Mark Peterson, Brigham Young U

Session 3B: Using Resources in KFL

                     Instruction 1

Dwinelle 33

Chair: Hyo Sang Lee, Indiana U


The Use of Asynchronous CMC in a Beginning Korean Class

Young-sook Shim, U of Texas at Austin


A Pedagogical Approach to Han Yong-un's Poetry: Reading the East Asian Meanings through Comparison with Lu Xun

Sai Jong Yoo, Rutgers U and Choon Sung Yim, Mokpo U


하이퍼텍스트를 활용한 한국어 쓰기 교육에 대한 연구: 홈페이지를 중심으로

김영만, 서울대학교


A Study of Contemporary Korean Poetic Words

Sunny Jung, U of Cal at Santa Barbara


Korean Learner’s Corpus: Its Compilation, Design, and Application

Seok-Hoon You, Korea University



한국어 교육에서 문학교육 방법

윤여탁, 서울대학교


Korean Studies Curricula in the Age of Multimedia Education

Young-mee Yu Cho, Ann Choi, Rutgers U,

Kyeong-Hee Choi, U of Chicago,

Hae-Young Kim, Duke

 6:30   Dinner reception hosted by the Center for Korean Studies at the Alumni House.

June 28  Annual Conference  Day 2

7:00-8:00  Breakfast, Dwinelle 370

8:00-8:30  Registration

8:30-9:30  Invited Speaker 3

“What the study of heritage language learners can bring to second language acquisition research?/font>

Claire Kramsch, University of California at Berkeley

(Introduction by Clare You)

Session 4A: Learners?Profiles and Needs

                    Analysis 2

 Chair 1:  Sang-il Lee, DLI


Needs Analysis of the Korean Community Schools in Hawaii

S. Park, J. Lee, H. Kim, H. Joo, and D.J. Lee

University of Hawaii at Manoa

Session 4B: Using Resources in KFL

                    Instruction 2

 Chair 1 : Andrew Byon, SUNY Albany


Intercultural Understanding through Global Computer-Mediated Communication

Sunah Park Cho and Stephen Carey, U of British Columbia


Understanding Learner Characteristics of University-level Korean Language Students

Jin Sook Lee, Rutgers U


Exploring the Possibilities of Corpus Linguistics for Teaching and Learning Korean

Siwon Park, U of Hawaii

10:45-11:00        Coffee                                                         Break

Chair 2: Hye-Sook Wang, Brown U


Motivational and De-motivational Factors of Korean Language Learners in a U.S. University: A Case Study

Jean Sook Ryu, Defense Language Institute

Chair 2: Sunah P. Cho, U of British Columbia


 The Effectiveness of Listening Comprehension Assignments Using Web-based ‘Chalk?/span>

Jung Hyuck Lee, U of Chicago


Heritage Students' Perspectives on Language Classes

Hae-Young Kim, Duke U


Typing in Language Classes?: A Study on the Effect of Learning How to Type Korean



Kijoo Ko, UC Berkeley


Linking Words to the World: Korean Language Learners in the United States

Mihyon Jeon, U of Pennsylvania


Introduction to Koreanphonics: A Computer Software for Learning Korean through Reading

Eun-Hee Koo, La Sierra U

 12:45- 2:00  Lunch: Variety is the spice of life.

Session 5A: Approaches to the Teaching of

                    Grammar and Pragmatics 2

 Chair: Seok-Hoon You, Korean U


Three  Measures of Korean Interlanguage Pragmatics

Changseob Ahn, U of Hawaii

Session 5B: Romanization


Chair: Mark Peterson, Brigham Young U


On Korean Romanization

Sang-il Lee, Defense Language Institute


Collocation and the Acquisition of Korean

Byung-Joon Lim, Defense Language Institute


On the Romanization of Korean

Jin-Kyu Kim, Kong-Ju U

3:10-3:25               Coffee                                                         Break


문법과 언어 교육: 한국어 오류 분석을 중심으로

정원돈, 세명대학교



4:05-5:30  BUSINESS MEETING  (Please remember to hand in your evaluation  form.)


 6:30  Dinner: President’s reception at Samwon. There will be a bus that will take us to  the restaurant.

                      5:45: First pickup at Dwinelle

                      6:15: Second pickup at Stern Hall




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