We are pleased to announce the eighth annual conference and professional development workshop of the American Association of Teachers of Korean (AATK), which will be held at the University of California, Berkeley from June 25-28, 2003. The AATK will provide all selected (through a prescribed review process) participants with room and board. There will be additional financial assistance for panel organizers for the workshop. New instructors including graduate teaching assistants are particularly encouraged to apply for participation in the workshop.

We will be fortunate to have two noted scholars as keynote speakers: one in SLA and one in technology.

Annual Conference
Theme: Creating New Ideas That Move Us

Abstract: February 14, 2003
Full Paper: April 14, 2003

Professional Development Workshop
Theme: Current Trends and Technology in Foreign Language Teaching

Proposal: February 14, 2003

Notification of Acceptance of All Submissions: February 28, 2003



The first two days (June 25 and 26) will be devoted to the professional development workshop. The format of this year's workshop will also be panels, and each panel will focus on the teaching of a specific aspect, i.e. grammar, vocabulary, reading, how best to teach advanced Korean, curriculum issues, etc. Please note that a part of the workshop's theme suggests that proposals on computer and technology are encouraged. In order to maintain continuity in our quest for pedagogically "most" sound ways to teach grammar, which we launched two years ago as a workshop theme, one of the panels is again expected to pursue this very topic.

If you would like to organize a panel, please submit a detailed proposal. We would estimate approximately two hours for each panel. It will be the organizer's responsibility to select appropriate panel members. Again, it cannot be overemphasized that a workshop presentation must be accompanied by a demonstration of  simulated classroom instruction.

If you are interested in participating in the workshop for professional development only, please submit a statement of purpose that includes the
following information:

1. Affiliation
2. Teaching experience
3. Current position or status
4. A possible future appointment if you are not currently teaching Korean
5. Purpose (benefits to you or your institution)

Please send your statement to Professor Young-mee Yu Cho at


You are invited to submit an abstract (maximum two pages) for a 30-minute presentation on any topic that is related to the enhancement of teaching Korean language, culture or literature. Some of the research areas that were suggested last year are repeated below:

1.      Use of multimedia and technology to teach content courses.
2.      How to introduce culture.
3.      How to teach Korean through literature.
4.      Teaching of vocabulary, reading, writing, grammar, or communicative skills.
5.      Korean discourse patterns and how to teach them.
6.      Issues in curriculum design.
7.      Description of phonological, syntactic, pragmatic, semantic problems and their implications for

8.      Second language acquisition: theory and practice.

Review of Abstracts/Proposals

The abstracts will be screened by anonymous reviewers. An abstract that merely introduces a particular program, multimedia or otherwise, at his or her institution will not be accepted. Some of the criteria to be followed in reviewing the abstracts are:

(a)     Clarity of the statement of the problem or approach discussed.
(b)     The soundness of the proposed approach or method, if applicable.
(c)      How significant are research findings or tested methods to the teaching of Korean language,

            culture or literature?
(d)     An explicit statement of reason for the choice of a particular problem and the approach adopted to

            tackle in the classroom.
(e)     How closely a demonstration simulates an actual classroom situation.
(f)      Whether or not the panel has sufficient number of participants.

Abstracts and proposals should be sent to:

Prof. Young-mee Y. Cho
Department of Asian Languages
Rutgers University
New Brunswick, NJ 08901-1164

If you have any questions, suggestions, comments, please direct them to me at or any other member of the 2003 Planning Committee.

Joe Jungno Ree

On behalf of the Planning Committee:

Young-Mee Y. Cho
Joe Jungno Ree
Kay Richards
Hye-Sook Wang
Clare You

Local Arrangement:

Kijoo Ko
Sun-young Oh
Kay Richards (Chair)
Clare You


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