1. Extension: The deadline for the submission of abstracts has been extended to April 30. Please observe the new deadline and email your abstracts to Prof. Young-mee Y. Cho.

We would like to encourage all beginning teachers of Korean, especially graduate students, who have been recently or newly appointed or whose appointment might be in the offing or in the works, to attend the teacher training workshop. We are confident that this year's workshop will be revamped considerably to be made to simulate the actual classroom, peppered gingerly with appropriate theoretical underpinnings. If you are planning to attend, and I hope many of you are, we would like to ask you to provide us with the following information and email it to Prof. Cho at <yucho@rci.rutgers.edu>:

   (a) *Your name and gender
   (b) *Your affiliation
   (c) *Your status (the stage you are at professionally or in graduate studies)
   (d) A brief narrative touching upon your expectations of the workshop, what you like to see covered or emphasized.

*For new members only.

2. Survey: All members, please respond to this survey and email it back to me, Joe Jungno Ree. We need a fairly accurate number for room reservation and other related business.

[   ]  I will be attending both the TTW and conference with a paper presentation.

[   ]  I will be attending both the TTW and conference as a TTW demonstrator/lecturer.

[   ]  I will be attending the two-day TTW only as a 'trainee'.

[   ]  I will be attending the two-day conference only with a paper presentation.

[   ] I will be traveling with my family.

[   ] adults

[   ] children

Board members: [   ] I will be attending and be present at the board meeting on July 30 (tentatively planned for 7 PM).

Please email your response to me, Joe Jungno Ree at <jree@mailer.fsu.edu> by May 20.

Thank you for your attention to my request.

Joe Jungno Ree