We are pleased to announce that the online registration site for the American Association of Teachers of Korean: 24th Annual Conference and Professional Development Workshop held at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities,  Minneapolis, Minnesota is now available. 
The Conference will be held on June 20, 2019- June 22, 2019.

Deadline for Submission: February 15, 2019
Notification of Acceptance: March 15, 2019

Conference & Workshop Theme: 
Diverging Korean Language Across Boundaries: Aspirations, Challenges, and Implications

Globalization of higher education and increased mobilities of language learners across the world have challenged the notion of a “standard” language. Issues of language forms and usages in different regions and diverse communication settings have been discussed in the fields of applied linguistics and language education. Considering the increasing numbers of learners across various regions in the world and fast-diversifying interactional and learning environments of a variety of Korean, the Korean language cannot be an exception. 

The 24th Annual Conference and Professional Development Workshop of AATK focuses on the diversity of Korean languages, including but not limited to dialects, 북한어, 연변어, 고려어 as well as emerging localized, hybridized, and/or generational variety of Korean. This conference aims to critically engage with issues of global vs. local, and peripheries vs. center found in Korean language education which can impact our research and teaching practices. In particular, the following inquiries will guide our discussion and advance our understanding of this important and complex issue: 1) what have influenced the varieties developed in territories; 2) how we can incorporate the notion of the variety of Korean in our classroom; and 3) how we can formulate institutional strategies to meet our students’ varying needs. 

The potential topics may include, but not limited to:

-        Issues related to Korean dialects including North Korean
-        Korean language education in diverse regions
-        Korean as a minority language
-        Issues of regional variety of Korean and language education
-        Language attitudes towards a variety of Korean
-        Language policy and planning
-        Language change, mixture and contact

We also welcome the proposals and abstracts that discuss other aspects of learning and teaching of the Korean language than this year’s theme. We particularly would like to see more K-12 educators submit their abstracts and plan to reserve at least one workshop session for K-12 participants. There will also be special awards to graduate students who present excellent conference papers.

최근의 대학의 세계화 추세와 언어 학습자의 전세계에 걸친 이동성 증가는 "표준"언어 개념의 재정립에 대한 요구를 불러 왔고,  서로 다른 지역과 언어 소통 환경에 따른 언어의 형태와 사용에 있어서의 다양성 문제가 응용 언어학 및 언어교육 학계에서 지속적으로 논의되어 왔습니다. 세계 여러 지역에서 한국어 학습자가 늘어나고 다양한 한국어의 상호 작용 및 학습 환경이 다각화 되고 있는 추세에 따라 한국어에서도 위와 같은 논의의 필요성이 대두되고 있습니다.

이에 제 24 차 AATK 연례 학회 및 워크샵에서는 한국어들의 다양성을 주제로 한국의 방언, 북한어, 연변어, 고려어와 같은 다양한 한국어들, 그리고 언어의 지역화와 혼성화 및 세대화로 나타나는 한국어의 다양한 형태들을 살펴보고자 합니다. 본 학회에서는 한국어 교육에서 발견되는 세계화와 지역화, 주변화와 중심화 등의 이슈에 대해 비판적이고 중점적인 논의를 하고자 합니다. 특히, 다음의 논점들을 통해 토론을 진행하고, 주제에 대한 이해를 증진시키고자 합니다. : 1) 각 지역에서 발달한 다양한 언어형태들에 영향을 주는 요인은 무엇인가? 2) 한국어의 다양성이라는 개념을 우리 교실에 어떻게 통섭할 수 있는가? 3) 학생들의 다양한 요구를 충족시키기 위한 제도적 전략을 어떻게 수립할것인가? 

가능한 발표 주제는 다음과 같습니다.

- 한국의 방언 및 북한어
- 다양한 지역에서의 한국어 교육
- 소수 민족 언어로서의 한국어
- 한국어의 지역적 다양성과 언어 교육
- 다양한 한국어들에 대한 언어적 태도
- 언어 정책 및 계획
- 언어 변화, 혼합 및 접촉

선정된 학회 주제뿐만 아니라 한국어 교육과 학습에 관한 전반적은 주제들로도 발표를 신청할 수 있으니, 적극적으로 발표를 신청해주시고 학회에 참여해 주시길 바랍니다. 특히 초중고교 선생님들의 적극적 참여를 위한 워크샵 발표 일정을 마련해 두었고, 대학원생들을 위한 특별상도 마련되어 있습니다. 회원 여러분과 한국어 관련 전문가 여러분들의 적극적 참여를 기대합니다.


1. Presentation Categories

(1) Workshop panel (90 minutes): June  20-21
Workshop panels address practical concerns and share immediately applicable suggestions on issues ranging from development of program, materials and resources to instructional activities and techniques to methods of assessment.

(2) Teaching materials exchange (20-minute presentation followed by individual Q & A and discussion): June  20-21 
This category has been designed for audience choice and involvement. After a series of three or four short presentations, instead of having a brief Q&A after each presentation, 20 to 30 minutes are set aside to allow for audience members to have sufficient time to learn more about presentations of their choice. The presenters address the entire audience for 20 minutes each, and then move to designated areas to interact with interested subgroups. Each presenter is advised to bring his or her own laptop and other necessary materials for individual interaction with audience.

(3) Conference paper (20-minute presentation + 10-minute Q & A): June  21-22
This section of the meeting entails the presentation of research on topics pertaining to teaching and learning of Korean. Also, we expect explicit statement of the relevance of presented research to Korean program development and pedagogic practices. Mere description of instructional materials or practices without analysis of data, which would better fit the above category of teaching materials exchange, will not be considered for this category. 

2. Requirements for Proposal or Abstract Submission
(1) Workshop panel (90 minutes): The proposal should include a description of the topic and materials, objectives, and step-by-step plan for INTERACTIVE INVOLVEMENT OF PARTICIPANTS.

(2) Teaching materials exchange (20 minutes): Original and well-tested teaching materials or activities will be selected. The proposal should include a succinct description of target learners, objectives of instruction, the material or procedure, and its effects.

(3) Conference paper (20 minutes): The abstract should include clearly stated research motives and objectives in the context of existing research, description of data and analysis, and discussion of implications for teaching and future research.

3. Length: Maximum 500 words (English or Korean) + References or data limited to 250 words if applicable.

4. Limit of Submission: No more than 1 individual and 1 joint proposal/abstract, or 2 joint abstracts/proposals per person.

5. ONLINE submission ONLY: http://www.aatk.org/cps/sign_in.php

Dr. Hangtae Cho (Local Chair)                      htcho@umn.edu 

초록 제출 지침
1.   학회 발표 유형
2.     초록 제출 시 유의 사항
§  발표 신청은 AATK 회원이어야만 가능
§  모든 발표자는 AATK 회원이어야 하며 2019년5월 15일까지 연례 학회 선등록 필수.
§  회원가입과 선등록이 마감 날짜까지 이루어지지 않을 경우 학회 프로그램에서 발표자 이름 제외. 세션 담당자들도 AATK 회원이어야 하며 연례 학회 등록 필수.

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