Important Dates

Presenter Registration Closing Date: Tuesday, April 15 2014
Early Registration Closing Date:  Thursday, May 15 2014

Online Conference Registrations

1) If you are not a AATK member, you should sign up for the membership first before registration.

2) Only credit card payment through PayPal is accepted.

3) Presenters MUST register by Tuesday, April 15 to not lose the privilege of presentation.

4) Other participants should register by Thursday, May 15 to secure a room in the conference housing.

5) Registration Fees:

Membership Type

Early Registration

On-Site Registration

Membership Cost









K-12 Teachers & Students







Not Applicable

6) The conference registration fee includes:

  • Conference program
  • Newsletter
  • Breakfasts, lunches, tea/coffee breaks
  • Banquet Dinner & KLP Journal (for registered AATK members only)

7) Conference housing and banquet dinner are guaranteed only for attendees who pre-register online by Thursday, May 15.

8) Cancellation/Refund Policy
Reimbursement will only be made if the cancellation is done by Thursday, May 22. Please contact the AATK Treasurer, Angela Lee-Smith (, for refund and the refund policy.

Date of Cancellation


Prior to Thursday, May 15


From Thursday, May 15 to Thursday, May 22


After Thursday, May 15

No refund


The room rate below is defrayed by subsidy made possible by the generous KF sponsorship during the conference period.

1) For AATK members only.

2) A standard single dormitory room is assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. You may request your preferred suitemate; however, suitemate requests are not guaranteed and are based on space availability.

A suite unit consists of four single rooms and two bathrooms. If a member brings his or her family, EVERYONE IN THE FAMILY (5 YEARS OLD OR OLDER) MUST BE REGISTERED for lodging. The University has a strict policy that sleeping on the couch is not allowed and anyone not registered will have not access to the residence halls. Members with one family member may reserve two single rooms at $100 per night (one with a member rate and the other room with a non-member rate). Members with two or three family members must request an entire suite unit at discounted family rate $175.

For suite reservation, please contact the AATK treasurer, Angela Lee-Smith (


Early Registration

On-Site Registration


$25 per night (one room)

Not Guaranteed

Member with one family member

$100 per night (two rooms)

Not Guaranteed

Member with 2-3 family members

$175 per night (one suite)

Not Guaranteed


To attend the AATK Banquet, please RSVP in the special request box at the registration page.


Early Registration

On-Site Registration


Free (with RSVP)

Not Guaranteed

Family members or guests

$30 per person

Not Guaranteed


There will be limited parking spaces available for the rate of $8 per day. Please make a request in the special request box on the registration page. The payment will be made separately to the AATK treasurer. If you purchase the parking pass from the lot attendant, it will be $12/16 per day to park. You would pay the attendant upon entry.

Online Registration Process

Same as your AATK website log-in name and password. Please follow the steps:

(1) Go to the website:
(2) Log in.
(3) For membership due payment, click “Membership History” on the upper-right corner. Once on the page, click “Membership/Renewal Application” on the lower-right corner. Choose Type of membership in the lower box to pay, and click “submit”.
(4) For conference registration, click “Conference History” on the upper-right corner. Once on the page, click “Conference Registration” on the lower-right corner. Provide requested travel information for lodging.


Topic of Inquiry


Email Address

Online Registration

AATK Webmaster, Bumyong Choi

Local Information

19th Conference Local Chair, Jaemin Roh

Payments and Refund

AATK Treasurer, Angela Lee-Smith