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*STO: Stone Science Building, CAS: College of Arts and Sciences.
**Language of Presentation: (K)-Korean (E)-English

Professional Development Workshop

Thursday, June 19, 2014

8:00a-9:00a Opening Ceremony – STO B50*
Welcoming remarks: Hae-Young Kim, President of AATK
Bae Sung Won, Director LA Office Korean Foundation
Susan Jackson, Senior Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Boston University
Gisela Hoecherl-Alden, Assistant Dean & Director of Language Instruction at Boston University
KF-AATK Teaching Assistant Fellowship Awards: Joowon Suh, Executive Secretary of AATK
9:00a-9:30a Plenary Address 1 (E)** – STO B50
Connection-Making: Using Film for Language Development and Language Awareness
Download presentation materials.
Stacey Weber-Fève, Iowa State University
10:45a-11:00a Break
11:00a-12:30p Workshop Panel #1(K) – STO B50
Constructing a Standard-Based College Curriculum
For Korean: Levels, Templates And Specifics
AATK College Curriculum Development Working Group
Chair: Young-mee Yu Cho Rutgers University
Workshop Panel #2 (K) – CAS B12
Selecting Teaching Materials for Standard Based
Curriculum: Based on ILR/ACTFL Text Typology
Sahie Kang DLI
Chair: Soohee Kim University of Washington
12:30p-1:30p Lunch – Warren Tower Dining Hall
1:30p-3:00p Workshop Panel #3 (E) – STO B50
Using film in the College-level KFL Classroom:
Applying Theories and Developing Activities
Young-mee Yu Cho, Hee Chung Chun Rutgers University
Ji-Young Jung University of Pennsylvania
Chair: Yeon Heo Michigan State University
Workshop Panel #4 (E) – CAS B12
The Transition from Second to Third year Korean:
Rethinking the Curriculum Design
Hi-Sun Kim, Jieun Kim University of Chicago
Chair: Ok-Sook Park Michigan State University
3:00p-3:15p Break
3:15p-4:35p Teaching Material Demonstration #1 – STO B50
#1 Three Types of Korean Courses That Benefit from
the Use of Literature and Film (K)
Insook Kang UCSD
#2 문학 장르 접근을 위한 친학습자 텍스트 및 영화
자료 활용 방안: ‘해리 포터’를 중심으로 (K)
Yuseon Yun Princeton University
#3 Language Instruction Using Short Stories in
Advanced Level (K)
Junghee Kim University of Virginia
Eunyoung Won University of Washington
Chair: Eun Kyu Choi Seoul National University
Breakout session for Q/A and follow-up discussion
Teaching Material Demonstration #2 – CAS B12
#4 Languaging with What They Know: What Learners
Can Do with Films and Literature for Intercultural
Communication Competence (K)
Jeeyoung Ha University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
#5 Designing a Korean Film Course for Deeper
Understanding of Korean Society and Culture (K)
Kyung-Eun Yoon UMBC
#6영화 속 인물 역할극을 통해 배우는 한국어 말하기 (K)
Seonghyeon Park Kwangwoon University
Chair: Eun-Hee Koo Adroit College
Breakout session for Q/A and follow-up discussion
4:40p-5:40p Panel Discussion (E) – STO B50
Increasing Voices, Representation, and Readership for The KLA
Susan Strauss Penn State and Editorial Assistants (Seungja Choi,  Hee Ju, So-young Kim, Mina Lee, Ok-Sook Park, Mi Yung Park, Ihnhee Kim, and  Min Jung Jee)

Friday, June 20, 2014

9:00a-10:20a Teaching Material Demonstration #3 – STO B50
#7 Codeswitching and Repair Strategies for Effective Speaking Lessons in Pair Work Heritage and Non-Heritage Students in KFL Classrooms (K)
Sangbok Kim University of Colorado at Boulder
Eunhee Lee University of South Carolina
#8 Learning and Teaching of Korean through Video
and Subtitle: Creating Connections between Learners
and between Teachers (K)
Yeon Heo Michigan State University
#9 Hybrid of ‘Broad Listening’ and ‘Narrow Reading’ in
Language Classrooms Using Dramas and Films (K)
Jee In Kim DLI
Chair: Jongoh Eun DLI
Breakout session for Q/A and follow-up discussion
Teaching Material Demonstration #4 – CAS B12
#10 Video-Making Project in the Foreign Language Classroom (K)
Sunhee Song Columbia University
#11 Voice Thread: Giving Students New Ways to Practice Listening and Speaking in Learning Korean (K)
Yusun Jung University of Kansas
Chair: Mijeong Mimi Kim Washington University in St. Louis
Breakout session for Q/A and follow-up discussion
10:20a-10:20a Break
10:30a-11:45a Plenary Address 2 (E) – STO B50
Reading Closely from Afar: A Thematic-cluster Approach to Tropes of Flower and Petal
Kyeong-Hee Choi The University of Chicago
1:45a-1:00p Lunch – STO B50

Annual Conference

Friday, June 20, 2014

1:00p-1:15p Opening Ceremony - STO B50
Welcoming Remarks: Hae-Young Kim, President of AATK
Adil Najam, Dean of the Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies at Boston University.\
Sarah Frederick, Associate Chair of Modern Languages and Comparative Literature at Boston University
1:15p-1:45p Special Presentation (K) – STO B50
한국어 교육 정책 연구의 현황과 과제
Hyang-Keun Song, President of IAKLE
1:45p-2:00p Break
Session 1A - STO B50
Literature in language teaching
Chair: Hong Quan Seoul National University
Session 1B – CAS B12
Discourse and pragmatics
Chair: Andrew Byon University at Albany
Session 1C - CAS B36
Acquisition of syntax and morphology
Chair: Myounghee Cho Northern Arizona University
2:00p-2:30p #1 Incorporating Literature into a
College KFL Curriculum: Issues of Canonization and the New Pedagogic Sphere (K)
Young-mee Yu Cho Rutgers University,
Yeo-tak Yoon Seoul National University
#5 Does It Sound Rude?: Style Shift to -e/a or -ta Forms in Korean and to Naked Plain Forms in Japanese (E)
Heeyeong Jung Harvard University
#9 Multiple Grammar in Relative Clause Constructions in Korean (K)
Joungmok Lee University of Hawaii at Manoa
2:30p-3:00p #2 인지시학적 한국어 교육 방안:
윤동주의 ‘자화상’을 활용하여(K)
Haegwon Jeong Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
#6 Learning Korean Speakers’ Repair Practices and Strategies (E)
Mary Kim University of Hawaii at Manoa
#10 Revisiting Acquisition of Korean Case Marking in Adult Learners’ Grammar (K)
Myong Choi The University of Montana
3:00p-3:30p #3 A Foundational Research on Selecting and Teaching the Literature for Beginning Learners of Korean – Focus on the college-level learners in America – (K)
Jihye Eo Yonsei University
#7 The Gendered Use of the Interrogative Enders ‘-nya’ and ‘-ni’ in Korean (E)
Seunggon Jeong UCLA
#11 Acquisition of Korean suffix -ess- in conjunctive clauses (K)
Dongmin Kim University of Hawaii at Manoa
3:00p-3:30p #4 Teaching Poetry in the Second-year Korean Classroom (E)
Jaemin Roh, Eunice Chung Boston University
#8 Native English Speakers’ Use of Korean Intonation in Conveying Pragmatic Meaning in the Oral Proficiency Interview (E)
Heeju Lee UCLA
#12 New Approach to Korean Numeral Classifiers: Their Analysis, Acquisition and Teaching (K)
Sangsu Oh Harvard University
4:00p-4:15p Break
4:15p-5:30p Panel Discussion – STO B50
Overview and Progress Report of the AATK College Curriculum Development Project (K)
Chair: Young-mee Yu Cho Rutgers University
AATK Panel

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Session 2A – STO B50
Film and media in language teaching
Chair: Minju Kim Claremont McKenna College
Session 2B - CAS B12
Cultural competence
Chair: Yeonhee Yoon University of Notre Dame
Session 2C - CAS B36
Chair: Yunkyoung Kang The George Washington University
9:00a-9:30a #13 Ethnic Portrayal in Korean Films and Its Effects on the Perception of Korean Culture (K)
Ihnhee Kim University of Pennsylvania
#16 Analysis of Learners’ Preferences and Needs in Korean Language and Culture Education using Multimedia: A Study based on Business Korean classes in the U.S. (K)
Hei Yoo Georgetown University
#19 Validating a Semiadaptive Korean Placement Test (E)
Sun-Young Shin, Hyo Sang Lee Indiana University
9:30a-10:00a #14소설과 영화의 상호텍스트성을 활용한 한국 문화 교육 연구 (K)
Jongcheol Kim, Boyoung Seo Seoul National University
#17 The Effects of Short-Term Study Abroad Experience on Korean Language Learning: ALongitudinal Study (E)
YouJin Kim, Hakyoon Lee Georgia State University
Kyeongwon Yoon Yonsei University
#20 An Analysis of Testing Practices of Korean Language Classrooms (K)
Hye-Sook Wang Brown University
10:00a-10:30a #15 Exploring different modalities of communication through novel, televised drama and Twitter with Korean (K)
Jieun Ryu University of Arizona
#18 Hallyu and KFL Learners’s Attitudes in Canadian Post-secondary setting (K)
Kyoungrok Ko University of Toronto
Youngmi Cho The Catholic University of Korea</td>

#21 한국어 학습자의 숙달도와 구어와 문어 산출 간의 상관성 (K)
Youngjoo Kim Brigham Young University
Sun-Young Lee Cyber Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
Juyeon Nam Kyung Hee University
10:30a-10:45a Break
10:45a-12:00p Keynote Address (E) – STO B50
Prismatic Cinema: Dispersal of ” Korean” in the World (世界,세계)
프리즘의 영화: “한국”의 세계 분산
Dr. So-young Kim, Korea National University of Arts
12:00p-1:00p Lunch – Warren Tower Dining Hall
1:00p-2:15p AATK Business Meeting - STO B50
Session 3A – STO B50
Learners’ language
Chair: Kijoo Ko University of California, Berkeley
Session 3B – CAS B12
Vocabulary learning
Chair: Ihnhee Kim University of Pennsylvania
Session 3C - CAS B36
Textbook analysis
Chair: Angela Lee-Smith Yale University
2:15p-2:45p #22인지적 도구로서의 학습자 모국어의 사용 양상에 대한 연구 (K)
Hye Jin Agnes Ryoo Nanyang Technological University
#24 The Power of Randomness in L2 Vocabulary Learning – Korean (E)
Ina Choi Michigan State University
#26 초급 학습자용 한국어 교재 분석 (K)
Eun Kyu Choi Seoul National University
2:45p-3:15p #23 L2로서의 영어 사용 환경이 L3로서의 한국어 어휘 음절구조 지각에 미치는 영향 연구(K)
JaeSu Choi, JungSup Kim Kyung Hee University
#25한국 단편 소설을 활용한 우연적 어휘 학습 전략(K)
Minae Yu Seoul National University
#27한국어 교재에 나타난 문법 교육 양상 (K)
Kyunghwa Ahn Seoul National University
3:15p-3:30p Break
Session 4A – STO B50
Heritage language development
Chair: Yunkyoung Kan The George Washington University
Session 4B – CAS B12
New pedagogical tools
Chair: Mary Kim University of Hawaii at Manoa
Session 4C - CAS B36
Instructional strategy
Chair: Hye Young Shin American University
3:30p-4:00p #28 Acquisition of Licensing Domains in Negative Polarity Items (NPIs) by Heritage Korean Speakers: Language Maintenance and Transfer (E)
Sok-Ju Kim The University of Texas at Arlington
#31 Fun Movie, Serious Learning: Film-based Activities to Enhance Language Learning and Cultural Awareness in the KFL classroom (E)
Jiyoung Daniel University of North Georgia
#34 Pre-task Planning Strategies on L2 Korean Learning (K)
Dong-Kwan Kong University of Hawaii at Manoa
4:00p-4:30p #29영어권 교포 학습자의 한국어 피동문 처리 연구: 그림-문장 검증 과제를 이용하여(K)
Haegwon Jeong Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
Sun-Young Lee Cyber Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
#32한국어교육학 사전의 표제어 정교화 방안 연구- 연구 과정에서 발생한 문제와 대안을 중심으로 (K)
Sumi Lee, Bongwan Koo Seoul National University
#35한국어 교육 측면에서의 경험구문 연구(K)
Kyoung Sook Suh Seoul National University
4:30p-5:00p #30재미동포 학령전기 아동의 이중 언어 능력 발달에 대한 종단적 연구(K)
Junghee Lee Kyunghee University
Minji Chun Brown University
#33 The Semi-Flipped Classroom and Korean Language Teaching (E)
Kyongmi Park University of Michigan
#36 Learners’ Perception Of Pair Work With Assigned Partners In Second Language Classroom (K)
Mi-Hyun Kim University of Pittsburgh
6:30p-8:30p Banquet Dinner
Chau Chow Restaurant, Boston Downtown