The 26th AATK Annual Meeting Online Registration


 We are pleased to announce that the online registration site for the 26th AATK Annual Conference is now available.


Important Dates:

Conference registration available from April 15 (Thu) through June 25 (Fri).


Online Conference Registration:

There is no registration fee for this year’s online conference if you are an AATK member.


Membership Type

Registration Fee

Membership Cost







K-12 Teachers & Students





Not Applicable










If you are not yet an AATK member and would like to join, you will need to sign up for membership before registering to receive membership advantages. Only credit card payment through PayPal will be accepted. The AATK membership and conference registration benefits include:        

·               Access to online presentation sessions
·               Access to online Conference program and AATK annual Newsletter
·               KLA Journal (for registered AATK members only)
·               Access to member-only information on the AATK Website
          o   AATK member directory
          o   AATK job posting board
          o   Previous KLA journals


Cancellation/Refund Policy

Membership Fee is non-refundable. Reimbursement for non-member registration fee will only be made if the cancellation is done by Thursday, June 24, 2021. Please contact the AATK Treasurer, Bumyong Choi (bumyongchoi@emory.edu), for refund and the refund policy.


Online Registration Process


Please follow the steps:

(1) Go to the website: http://www.aatk.org/registration/sign_in.php

(2) Log in. Same as your AATK website log-in name and password. 

(3) For membership due payment, click “Membership History” on the left menu. Once in the page, click “Membership/Renewal Application.” Choose Type of membership in the lower box to pay, and click “Submit”.

(4) For conference registration, click “Conference Registration” on the left menu. Once in the page, provide requested information. Although it is virtual this year, please select arrival and departure dates for the system, and click “Submit.”



For any questions regarding the online registration

AATK Webmaster,

   Kyung-Eun Yoon aatk@aatk.org

For online conference management

AATK President,

   Joowon Suh js604@columbia.edu

AATK Executive Secretary,

   Mee-Jeong Park meejeong@hawaii.edu

For conference program

26th AATK Conference Program Chair,

   Kyung-Eun Yoon kyoon@umbc.edu

For payments and refund

AATK Treasurer,

   Bumyong Choi bumyongchoi@emory.edu