Carl Becker House

Becker House Dining Room - Cornell University, Ithaca, NY


Flora Rose House

No photo description available.


Alice Cook House Dining Room

Alice Cook House


Willard Straight Hall

Willard Straight Hall Cornell University Photograph by Brad Marzolf  Photography


Wi-Fi on Campus

Guest Wi-Fi is available via Eduroam, if you are part of a participating institution, or via the Cornell-Visitor network. Please note that you will need to access your email via a web browser while using the Cornell-Visitor network. For more information, please visit https://it.cornell.edu/wifi/connect-cornell-visitor-wi-fi. 

Parking info

You can park on campus by ParkMobile App navigating where to park and how much it costs. You can pay by the ParkMobile App or by coin, cash, and credit or debit cards at pay station machines with "Pay Here" signs.

Parking available streets near the venue are listed below:

- West Ave. (ParkMobile Zone # 4113)

- Stewart Ave. (ParkMobile Zone # 2313) 

- Willard Straight Hall Parking Lot (ParkMobile Zone # 4123)

- University Ave. (ParkMobile Zone # 4101)

All Pay Station Meter Lots are open for free parking 5:00pm - 7:30am and on weekends.

For the campus parking information, click .

There are some free street parking spaces (marked in blue on the map below) such as on the downhill of University Ave. and Lake St. When using the street parking, read the street signs carefully before you park.


Click  on the map below for conference sites, hotels, and free street parking spots (University Ave. and Lake St.)

View in a larger map, click AATK2022.