American Association of Teachers of Korean


17th Annual Conference and Professional Development Workshop


Stanford University

Palo Alto, California

June 29-July 1, 2012





Deadline for Submission: Feb. 15, 2012

Notification of Acceptance: March 15, 2012



Conference & Workshop Theme:



Korean popular culture is attracting a great deal of youths’ attention around the globe, from Asia to the Middle East to Europe to Americas. The heightened visibility of Korean culture brings new legions of learners to Korean classes, expanding the already diverse bodies of students with varying expectations, needs and goals. Korean educators need to assess the momentum of the rekindled Korean Wave, its potentials and implications for Korean teaching. Ways to harness the wave as an opportunity for buttressing communication, culture, connections, comparisons and communities in Korean curricula and programs should be explored. In this vein, studies of related fields and disciplines beyond the domains of languages and linguistics are desirable to address relevant issues such as global flows of culture, transnationalism, and notions of national identity, tradition and modernity.  


With the theme “Exploring the New Wave in Korean Teaching and Learning,” the 17th annual AATK meeting invites proposals for discussion of how to augment and strengthen integration of language and culture in Korean teaching and learning.  A focus can be on popular culture or other cultural processes and products, student orientations, interests and learning styles, or instructor backgrounds, trainings and resources.  We also welcome proposals and abstracts with other focuses in the area of Korean teaching and learning as well.




There are three categories of presentations: Workshop panel (90 minutes), Teaching materials exchange (20 minutes), and Conference paper (20 minutes). The requirements and expectations of the three are as follows. 


(1) Workshop Panel (90 min. June 29-June 30):  Workshop panels address practical concerns and share immediately applicable suggestions on issues ranging from development of program, materials and resources to instructional activities and techniques to methods of assessment. The proposal should include a description of the topic and materials, the rationale, and step-by-step plan for interactive involvement of participants. 


(2) Teaching Materials Exchange (20 min. June 29-June 30): Presentation of original, innovative and well-tested teaching materials or activities. The proposal should include a succinct description of the goal, the material and its effects. 


(3) Conference Paper (20 min + 10 min Q & A. June 30-July 1): Presentation of research on topics pertaining to teaching and learning of Korean. The abstract should include clearly stated research motives and objectives, description of data and analysis, and discussion of implications for teaching and future research. Mere description of instructional materials or practices without analysis of data will NOT be considered in this category. On the other hand, we expect explicit statement of the relevance of presented research to Korean program development and pedagogic practices.                   



LENGTH:  Maximum 500 words (English or Korean) + References or data limited to 250 words if applicable


LIMIT OF SUBMISSIONS:  No more than 1 individual and 1 joint proposal/abstract, or 2 joint abstracts/proposals per person.




Please contact the AATK 2012 Conference Chairs, if you have questions or comments:


Hee-Sun Kim (Co-Chair)                                Hae-Young Kim (Co-Chair)