Dear Members of AATK,

Greetings and hope you are having a good summer. This message is addressed to members who have been away from the annual AATK conference at Stanford this year and the previous ones in last few years.   


We have begun to manage the AATK membership directory and accounts through on-line payment system from this year.  AATK members should renew their membership annually in order not to lose membership privileges, such as accessing information on the web or receiving important e-mail notices. 


If you have not done so, we urge you to create a member account at the AATK online registration system and renew your membership by AUGUST 31, 2012.  We are in the process of updating the membership directory and e-mail list-serv, and will remove names and e-mail addresses of those who have failed to maintain their membership status.  


To renew your membership,  go to the following website and sign up as a new user: 


(1)   Sign up at the website:

(2)   Click “Sign up” and fill in the information requested. Remember the username and password for use in the future.

(3)   Log in.

(4)   For membership due payment,  click “Membership History”  on the upper-right corner.   Once in the page, click “Membership/Renewal Application” on the lower-right corner. Choose Type of membership in the lower box to pay, and click “submit”.    


If you have any questions regarding the online registration, please contact the outgoing AATK webmaster, Dr. Kijoo Ko <>

Best wishes,
Hae-Young Kim

The incoming 7th AATK President