Subject: Opportunities as Korean language instructor at the FSLA in Summer 2016

What is FSLA?

The University of North Georgia (UNG) will host the sixth summer language academy for high school rising sophomores, juniors, 
and seniors in June and July 2016. The Federal Service Language Academy (FSLA) is a three-week residential program for 
students interested in an immersive intensive language experience, fitness, and exploring international-related careers with the 
federal government. Last year 120 students from over 32 US states and three foreign countries successfully completed FSLA. 

During the two three-week sessions, students will be immersed in intensive language instruction in First-Year Arabic, Chinese, 
Russian, German, Korean, Portuguese or Second-Year Arabic, Chinese, Russian, German, Korean, and Portuguese from highly 
qualified teachers, participate in a daily fitness program, receive career counseling from federal agency representatives (possible 
agencies include the CIA, DEA, FBI, State Department, Homeland Security, the Peace Corps and US Armed Forces), and possibly |
receive high school credit for successful completion of the academy. We will also offer First-Year Japanese and First-Year 
 For further information, see below for more complete details and visit our web site:

Subject: Opportunities as Korean language instructor at the FSLA in Summer 2016

 How to Apply:


 Deadline for Instructor: April 1, 2016 (This date has been extended until filled)

 Instructor Requirements: 1) advanced to superior proficiency; 2) Successful teaching experience with high school age students; 3) Experience with intensive language programs; 4) Evidence of active, engaged teaching strategies appropriate for high schools students in an intensive, three-week language camp; 5) Experience using State Performance Standards; and 6) Evidence of successful |
integration of technology and culture into lessons. 

 Instructor Compensation and Expectations: Free room and board provided; $1000 per week ($6000 total for two cohorts); Six
days of instruction per week; 8 hours a day; Additional activities and study time will be planned for evenings.

 Session Dates: Two cohort sessions of three week duration or 21 consecutive days. First Cohort: June 05-June 24; Second Cohort:
July 10-July 29.  A three day orientation session before each cohort is also required (dates and time TBA).  

 Class Ratio: 16 students to one teacher; Two assistants (a tutor proficient in target language and a counselor in charge of discipline
and activities) will be assigned to each cohort language group.

What to submit in your application:  

We will need the following documents to accompany your application:

Prospective FSLA Instructors:

1) Complete the UNG Application
2) Current Curriculum Vitae or Résumé
3) Copy of a state issued P-12 or 6-12 Teaching Certificate in Arabic, Chinese, Russian, German, Portuguese, Japanese or Korean
(preferred but not mandatory)
4) A statement of interest describing your teaching philosophy and the methodology you will use if selected for the FSLA. Please do not include lesson plans. You should also indicate which session you are available. Preference will be given to individuals who can
do both sessions. 

For further questions or information, please contact: