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A Message from the Editor-in-Chief    (August, 2013)
Susan Strauss, Penn State

The first AATK meeting that I attended was held in Tempe, Arizona in August of 1997.   It was the Third Annual Conference.  The atmosphere was welcoming and warm.  We shared ideas about Korean language pedagogy and linguistics, with collegiality and mutual support.  I was then a doctoral student at UCLA, researching aspects of Korean discourse, culture, and grammar.   Our discussions were lively and enlightening, and I was delighted to attend that meeting.   Every AATK conference that I have attended since then has been as welcoming, as warm, and as enlightening.  AATK is, by far, the most collaborative and supportive professional organization that I have come to be a part of.  
I am deeply honored by AATK’s invitation to follow in Professor Hye-Sook Wang’s footsteps as editor of The Korean Language in America.  I am happy to serve AATK in this capacity. I have witnessed the journal grow and develop, from its early days as a collection of conference proceedings to its current status as a full-fledged, refereed journal, thanks to Professor Wang’s vision and her hard work and dedication. 
The Korean Language in America has been serving the members of AATK as a valuable resource for theoretically and pedagogically based research related to Korean language teaching and learning, including topics on classroom practices, language acquisition, sociolinguistics, linguistics, literature, media, and culture.  I aim to continue this goal of The KLA, while also expanding the contents to include book reviews, interviews, and invited papers, and expanding the readership to broader audiences of language experts and researchers who may not already be familiar with our journal.
With this in mind, we have organized a team of volunteers who have already begun to work with me to achieve these goals.  I am grateful to the following individuals for sharing their time, efforts, and expertise—now, and as we continue to grow:

Seungja Choi, Yale University
Hee Ju, University of Southern California
So-Young Kim, University of Kansas
Ihnhee Kim, University of Pennsylvania
Mina Lee, Defense Language Institute
Mi Yung Park, University of Hawaii
Ok-sook Park, Michigan State University

I look forward to collaborating with our team and with all of our AATK members as we work together for The Korean Language in America. 

We are indebted to the officers and board members of AATK for their encouragement and enthusiasm as we strive toward making these new visions a reality; to Professor Wang for her advice and guidance; to the Korea Foundation for its continuous and unbending support; and to the editorial board members whose expertise, experience, and insights will continue to help us maintain the high level of quality in the manuscripts that we publish.   And we are grateful to all of you who attended our workshop The Future of The KLA at Michigan State University in June (AATK 18) and to the AATK members who responded so enthusiastically to our listserv correspondences and announcements.    

The Korean Language in America is a forum for all AATK members.  We welcome your submissions, suggestions, and questions. For submission guidelines and other details on The KLA, please visit the website (http://www.aatk.org/).

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